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About Slokamanjari

Slokams are one of the most beautiful forms of literary expression in Malayalam. The subject matter of these verses are as varied as any other form of literature and they portray love, devotion, praise, sarcasm, natural beauty, or even parts of every day conversation. As in other forms of poems, slokams could be in Malayalam, Sanskrit or Manipravalam . Slokamanjari is an attempt to collect and share these gems of malayalam poetry for every one to learn and enjoy.

Malayalam Fonts

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smtmSp]qw kpaXXnbntep ]qt gt
sNsm¯m_mW Uw`{]ia\ kpIrtXm]m ku`mKyevao
kt nSpt IgenW hebm[oizco hniz\mtY

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How to Volunteer

There are many ways in which you can help to improve this site:
  1. The slokams that are included in this site form only a very small portion of the thousands of slokams that are in the hearts and minds of the sahrudayas out there. The most important contribution you could make would be to send in a few good slokams that you know. Send your slokams as "transliterations" in english. You should download the transliteration software: Varamozhi. Set the font to ML-TTKarthika and type your slokams in. Once you correct the errors, copy and paste the slokams (the "english" version of it) into your email and send it to Please send the name of the author and the vruttham of the slokam if possible.
  2. We would also like to add a set of pages about the biographies and stories of the authors of the slokams. You could send in the biography of any of the authors that you know about or add to the existing biographies. Please send in the biographies in the same way you send slokams.
  3. There could be errors/typos in the slokams that you see here. You could send in corrections of the slokams or add the author names to the ones without it. Please prepare the corrected slokam as described above and send the trasliteration as an email.
  4. You could contribute your time to maintain and add the slokams that are sent in by the contributors. This is an effort that requires you to devote some time on a regular basis. You need a very basic understanding of web page creation (html) to do this.
  5. You could help to improve the website to make it easy to contribute slokams, corrections and opinions*. This is a technical job, and you should have a good grasp of html, php etc.
* Note: This site is supposed to be a non-profit effort, and self promotion is strongly discouraged. However, the contributions are acknowledged with your name appearing on the list of contributors.